Port of Umeå — one of the largest ports in the Nordic region with a focus on containers and timber products

The Port of Umeå is one of the largest ports in northern Nordics, with an annual freight volume of 2.5 million tonnes. Half of the goods consists of forest products such as kraftliner and timber products. Other goods includes oil products, fodder and project cargo, such as wind power components. The port’s container volumes are steadily increasing; currently, around 40 000 TEU is handled annually. The port is strategically located on the naturally shortest route across the Northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia and is well connected to Finland, the continent, and the UK. The Port of Umeå is a year-round port with good conditions for the winter period.

Map over the Port of Umeå

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Jakob Hardell, Kvarken Ports

Kvarken Ports is responsible for the port’s operation with a wide range of amenities and services for the port customers. An intensive work is currently underway to develop and improve the port of Umeå. These operations will result in new surfaces and more quay metres, flexible storage facilities, deeper fairways, and the possibility to accommodate larger vessels.

  • Today there are approximately 300 000 m² of open storage areas in the Port of Umeå. With the expansion taking place, within the next two years we can offer an additional 130 000 m2 and within six years a further 60 000 m², a total area of 490 000 m² open storage within six years.
  • In the port, there is good access to storage under roof in warehouses and storage areas.
  • All cranes are mobile, flexible, and optimised for the cargoes to be handled, providing efficient loading, and unloading operations.
  • Shore power is currently available at the ferry pier.
  • Port Security is staffed between 06:00-18:00, and for the rest of the day, guards do patrol rounds.

Umeå’s strategic location also gives you a unique connection to the regional and European transport network. Umeå is located in the middle of a junction of two European routes with Vaasa as the nearest big city; it has a major airport connected with shipping and railroads in a unique way. The proximity to a strong and growing consumer market combined with a expansive industry with forests as an essential raw material, cutting edge technology companies and a leading university hospital and university are other advantages.

A significant factor strengthening Umeå’s position as a central logistic node is Wasaline’s new electric hybrid ferry Aurora Botnia. With the new ferry, the intensity and capacity of transport to and from Umeå’s Finnish neighbour Vaasa have increased strongly. It creates improved opportunities for trade, travel, and exchange of expertise between the two university cities and opens up international transport routes from the Norwegian Atlantic coast, via Umeå and Finland to Eastern Europe and all the way to the large Asian market.

All of this creates possibilities for you as a cargo owner to use sustainable and efficient intermodal logistics solutions through Port of Umeå in your logistic transport solutions.