Pilotage and Towage

Safety is an important theme that is an essential part of all Kvarken Port operations. It means protection against danger and the ability to manage the consequences of undesired events and their harmful effects on people, property, and the environment in organization. Traffic safety is naturally a part of this and an essential part of our service offer, with pilotage and towage being performed by professionals.

For Umeå port, pilotage is compulsory for all vessels over 90 m. However, we also recommend smaller vessels to use the service whenever they lack local knowledge. The pilots know the fairway and other conditions to make arrivals and departures as smooth and safe as possible.

Pilotage and towing services are provided by the Swedish Maritime Administration, which operates in the port of Umeå.

Contact the Swedish Maritime Administration to order piloting or read more about the services:
Pilotage (sjofartsverket.se)