Waste management

The port of Vaasa aims to produce efficient, high-quality and environmentally friendly port and logistics solutions for its customers, as well as through its operations to ensure sustainable development in the port operations of Vaasa.

Photo: Jaakko Salo

The organisation of waste management in Kvarken Ports Ltd Vaasa port is presented in the port waste management plan. The contents of the waste management plan are laid down in the Government Decree on the Protection of the Environment in Shipping (76/2010). At the same time, the plan also serves as a monitoring and supervision plan under section 120 of the Waste Act (646/2011). The activities are guided by a valid environmental permit under the Environmental Protection Act. The permit regulates waste management in the port, and levels of noise and emissions into both air and water. The permit also requires that we monitor and measure the environmental impacts and report the results.

The contracting partners of the port of Vaasa ensure proper waste management, such as unloading and servicing of waste containers, transporting oily wastewater, sanitary water, and sewage as well as hazardous waste from ships for proper treatment or reception. The port of Vaasa has a valid waste management cooperation agreement with Lassila & Tikanoja Oy.

All ships visiting the port shall submit a ship-waste declaration at least 24 hours prior to arrival or immediately on departure from the previous port, provided that the journey time is less than 24 hours. The port has waste collection points on all quays and the ship is obliged to leave the waste in these collection facilities and to comply with the port waste management instructions. The waste management charge is levied on all vessels calling at the port.