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Permit applications

Kvarken Ports manages the port area and supervises compliance with international and national regulations. Port security is a matter of interest to every port user and anyone who notices a safety or health hazard in the port area must inform their superiors or port personnel.

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Photo: Jaakko Salo

Kvarken Ports supervises and issues permits in the general areas of the port.

  • Photo permits
  • Hot work permits
  • Access passes
  • LNG bunkering licence
  • Dive permit
  • Permission to work in the oil port area and EX zones
  • Permission to access the port railway network

Photo permits

In the public spaces of the port of Vaasa, such as the passenger terminal or areas next to the street network such as the terminal parking area, there is no need for a photo permit, so filming and taking photos in these areas is allowed without a separate permit. However, a photo permit is required whenever you want to photograph within the fenced port area or a closed security area. The photo permit must be applied for well in advance of the planned shooting time, and the licence is typically granted on a one-off basis i.e. for only one session at a time. The permit will only be granted on the condition that the photographer accepts an escort to accompany them. The escort may be a port employee or any representative of a company operating in the port who is familiar with the area and the security aspects related to moving around the port area. Never move in the area without a safety vest. You can apply for a photo permit by filling in the form below.

Photo permit application form below.

For the application of permits for Hot Work, Photo, and Entry to the port. Please contact:

Kristian Mäki-Jussila on phone number +358 400 479 163 weekdays between 07:00 and 15:30

Outside office hours please contact our harobur guards on phone number +358 405 672 975

Hot work permits

Workers doing hot work must have a valid hot work safety card. The port of Vaasa issues and controls hot work permits in the general areas of the port. Companies operating permanently in the port area issue hot work permits in the areas they manage. You can apply for a hot work permit by filling in the form below. Separate work permission must be applied for in the oil port area and, if necessary, it may also include a hot work permit. Special attention should be paid to the tools and methods used in the EX-labelled areas. You can apply for a hot work permit using the form below at least one day before the planned start of work.

Hot work permit application form below.

Access pass

Access to and movement in the fenced area of the port of Vaasa is subject to a permit, and only holders of an access pass issued by the port of Vaasa, or its delegates are authorised to move around the port area. As a rule, the access pass is personal, and the driver is responsible for the passengers they bring to the area. In the case of vehicles owned by companies, the authorisation may also be specific to the vehicle. In the case of workers working in the port area, the pass shall be issued by the employer and, in the case of persons visiting the port, by the company visited. Persons seeking to access the area and move within the port security area shall be able, on request, to state the reason for the visit and to prove their identity. The pass may be revoked if the visitor does not comply with instructions while in the port area. Wearing warning clothing or a safety vest is mandatory in the port area. You can apply for the access pass using the form below at least one day before your planned visit to the port area.

Access pass application form below.

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