Pilotage and towage

The pilot, the local advisor who act as an advisor and provides navigational assistance to the master of the ship to and from the port of Vaasa.

Photo: Jaakko Salo

The pilotage of ships ensures maritime safety. All ships entering and leaving the port shall use pilots if the services are required due to the size of the vessel itself or if the vessel’s cargo is considered dangerous or hazardous. The pilotage service in the port of Vaasa is provided by Finnpilot (www.finnpilot.fi) and the service is available 24/7. The port of Vaasa is part of the Western pilotage zone, and the distance is 24 nautical miles from the north and 25 nautical miles from the south. Pilot orders are sent to Finnpilot’s Pilot Dispatch Centre.

Towing and assistance for vessels in the port of Vaasa are provided by Vaasan Hinaus Oy with their tugboat and equipment located in the port of Vaasa.

Towing services can be ordered directly from the company by phone
+ 358 500 267 927 or, alternatively, + 358 50 557 4739.