Umeå port meets tomorrow’s logistics needs and contributes to the global goals

The Port of Umeå is an important facility for the whole of Norrland, Norrbotten and Ostrobothnia as much of the region’s incoming and outgoing goods pass through here. It is also connected to the other facilities of the region and Umeå municipality via railways and roads and in proximity to the airport, which is only 20 minutes away by car. The proximity to Vaasa and Umeå’s strategic geographical location together with the growth that is taking place in the region mean that the port needs to be equipped and developed for the logistics solutions of the future.

Building projects in the Port of Umeå

Building projects in the Port of Umeå

Intensive development period

The port of Umeå is in the middle of an intensive development period that stretches forward for several years. Project refers to the creation of new land surfaces, new construction of quay facilities, construction of additional warehouses and warehouse buildings as well as improvements to the fairway to correspond to increasing draft for more and larger ships.

Several completed projects

To date, several projects have been completed, including the construction of a railway terminal in the port, a new ferry pier and expansion of the ferry terminal, expanded operational areas for improved management linked to ferry traffic and expanded operational and storage areas.

Upcoming construction project starting in 2024

Right now, an intensive planning process is underway to prepare for the start of construction in the inner harbor. It is hoped that the construction projects will start in the first half of 2024, these include the North Quay, the Energy Pier and the South Quay.

European Regional Development Fund

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