Rail transport in the port of Vaasa

The port of Vaasa railway system further enhances multimodal transports through the port.

Rail transport is the most environmentally friendly mode of all land transport, and Kvarken Ports offers facilities for this mode of transport in the Port of Vaasa. The port has a total of about one kilometre of railway tracks and a direct connection to the state rail network. Kvarken Ports maintains the railway in the port area and enables transport directly to the port area, which is well connected to warehouses, storage areas, and quays. The Port of Vaasa railway system also enables special equipment to be operated, and OSG special duty freight wagons can be used for transport to the port.

The railway track diagram describes the rail network and access. Transport arriving by rail must be notified to port control (phone +358-40-5672975) at least one hour before arrival. In the links below, you can find the railway layout diagram.

Railway track diagram Pdf, 927 kB.