Seven different quays, unlimited possibilities.

Kvarken Ports Vaasa meets the demands of freight and passenger traffic with 7 different quays. The quays and berths of Vaasa port enable LoLo, RoRo, bulk, liquid bulk, container, and passenger traffic. The quays of Vaasa Port have a total length of 1343 m and the depths vary from 6.8 to 9 metres. Freshwater and shore-side electricity are available on most quays. Sewage can also be discharged from ships operating in the passenger port.

Berths are allocated based on the principle of first come first served. The mooring and unmooring of ships are carried out by port control. Orders at least one hour before (+358-40-5672975).

Length 214 m

Maximum draught 9 m

Length 145 m

Maximum draught 9 m

Length 240 m

Maximum draught 7 m

Lenght 162 m

2 Ro-Ro berths

Maximum draught 6,8 m

Length 160 m

2 Ro-Ro ramps

Maximum draught 7,3 m

Length 180 m

Maximum draught 8,6 m

Length 105 m

Maximum draught 9 m