Modern and high-quality crane equipment always ready at the port to lift both small and large cargo.

Photo: Kristian Mäki-Jussila

Vaasa Port has a versatile, modern, and high-quality crane fleet that enables efficient cargo handling for bulk and heavy project transport. Mobile cranes enable lifting operations both in the dock and in the storage area, i.e., exactly where they are needed. The cranes located in the port of Vaasa have lifting capacity of 200 t and 300 t in tandem operations. The crane equipment located in the port includes Liebherr LHM 600 port mobile crabe, 2 Liebherr LHM 400 port mobile cranes and Mantsinen MSK 100-8 EX750 material handling machine. The crane services in the port of Vaasa are provided by Blomberg Stevedoring.