Kvarken Ports business concept and vision

Kvarken Ports business concept

The goal is for Kvarken Ports to be a strong, enduring, and stable platform for the extensive development of transport and logistics operations in the region. The Board of Directors has therefore developed the following business concept for the company:

  • With a strong customer focus, Kvarken Ports will develop a wide range of services for freight transport within the port and transport sectors.
  • With the same customer focus, Kvarken Ports shall ensure a full range of services for passenger traffic.
  • Kvarken Ports, together with other actors in the transport sector, will work for a sustainable multimodal transport infrastructure in the region.
  • Through high efficiency and competent service, Kvarken Ports will be a generator for strengthening the customers’ competitiveness and contribute to an increase in value in the transport chain.

Kvarken Ports vision

The Board of Directors of Kvarken Port has noted that there are good grounds to have ambitious expectations for positive development in trade and consequently transport flows in the northern part of the Baltic Sea region, especially concerning the opportunities for east-west traffic. Therefore, the Board of Directors has designed the following vision for the company:

  • Kvarken Ports will be a leading port in terms of market position, quality, environment, and capacity development in the growing trade between the Baltic Sea countries.
  • Kvarken Ports will be a significant player in the construction of a single transport centre in the region and in the Trans-European transport network in the northern Baltic Sea.
  • Kvarken Ports will be perceived as the new, exciting company where innovative thinking, competence and participation are in focus.