Information for the vessels about the waste fee system in Kvarken Ports

Kvarken Ports aims to produce efficient, high-quality and environmentally friendly port and logistics solutions for its customers, as well as through its operations to ensure sustainable development in the port operations in our ports. Versatile high quality waste disposal facilities are provided for all the vessels to be used during the visits in our ports. Kvarken Ports aim to offer versatile waste disposal services and port reception facilities and thus reduce all possible discharges from shipping in the Baltic Sea.

Fartyg som hamnar i land

Photo: Jaakko Salo

The Baltic Sea Waste Fee Info, initiated by the Baltic Sea Action Group and created in cooperation with the Finnish maritime cluster, provides ships with information on the ease of discharging waste at Baltic Sea region ports. Aim is to more efficiently disseminate information on the specific conditions of the Baltic Sea and responsible waste management to all the vessels sailing in the Baltic Sea.

Environmental values are highly valued in our ports and we try to do all possible efforts to make things better. Read more about the subject on the Baltic Sea waste fee information Pdf, 1 MB..