Business-oriented site manager strengthens Kvarken Ports

Kvarken Ports, which manages the operations of the ports of Umeå and Vaasa, is strengthening its operations in Umeå with a business-oriented site manager who will help to further strengthen Umeå as the logistics hub of northern Europe.
- We are really looking forward to working with Patrick Mattsson. He will be a strong support for our growing organization and an important asset with his many years of logistics experience and his broad network, says Teijo Seppelin, CEO of Kvarken Ports.

Pictured: Teijo Seppelin, CEO and Patrick Mattsson, site manager in Umeå.

Pictured: Teijo Seppelin, CEO and Patrick Mattsson, site manager in Umeå.

Patrick comes most recently from SCA Logistics AB, where he worked for 17 years as department manager for the operational part. He has played a broad role and, among other things, he has been responsible for the commercial business, forwarding services and the construction projects that have been run due to the increased volumes from SCA in Obbola. In his role as site manager at Kvarken Ports, Patrick will be operationally responsible for the operating activities in the port of Umeå with about 20 employees.

- I look forward to continuing to strengthen the port of Umeå as a logistics hub, together with partners, customers and staff. I know Kvarken Ports quite well from before, and I know that there are fantastic conditions for success and for development of the business with both new and old customers, says Patrick Mattsson.

Much of the goods that pass the facilities of Umeå supply the entire region. The large catchment area of the port, the newly built combined terminal and the future investments that are being made in the port also mean changes in the daily work. Among other things, the combined terminal will open in the spring.

- It's nice to come to a business with expansion plans. Partly, it is everything that happens in the port with new quays and development of the entire port area, but also the volume increases we are facing, the start-up of the railway terminal and the growth of the organization. I believe that my broad background means that I have a good foundation to stand on, and that I will be able to be a good sounding board for many functions within the company. In addition, we are well equipped with good employees with high competence, says Patrick Mattsson.

Patrick has a broad personal record and experience that fit well into the role of site manager at Kvarken Ports.

- Patrick's business and logistics experience will be a strong support in the planning and start-up of both the railway terminal and during the intensive construction period to come. It is also very important to have a manager who is always on site. Nevertheless, we have seen the need to strengthen the organization with more people. As site manager, Patrick will take over some of my duties so that I can continue to work overall for Umeå and Vaasa, says Teijo Seppelin.

Patrick Mattsson took up the new position on 1 April.

- This is a completely new position. The most important thing to start with is to get to know the employees. Then I look forward to working with them to develop the organization, make it grow and take on new challenges, says Patrick Mattsson in conclusion.